Thursday, June 04, 2009

India's BIG Cinema embraces opera

BIG Cinemas is going where no Indian exhibitor has gone before - to screen digital operas. Given the very different musical culture of India this is a more significant undertaking than previous opera screenings in Europe and North America or even Japan. I am happy to have played a small part of it and look forwards to seeing what the outcome will be.

From the Economic Times:
BIG Cinemas, an R-ADAG company, has forged an alliance with London-based More2Screen to bring Italian operas to Indian cinemas. Big has entered into a revenue-sharing arrangement with More2Screen, which will involve screening two operas and a concert. More2Screen specialises in providing alternative content programming like operas, sporting events and concerts to theatres that are digitally equipped.

According to Tushar Dhingra, COO, Big Cinemas, the objective has been to provide distinct content. His company was the first multiplex chain to organise a show of Vagina Monologues in India.
Sadly I will not be around to watch the first one myself as I have to head back for SAWA/Cannes Lions and Cinema Expo, but I have seen them in test screenings and they look and sound fantastic. Ad to it an opera-like venue like the gorgeous BIG Metro cinema and it should be quite the night to remember.

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